The Charity Fund of the cultural monument friends-the Evangelical Church in Havířov Bludovice

Welcome to the websites of the Charity Fund of the cultural monument friends – the Evangelical Church in Havirov Bludovice.
The Charity fund was established to collect financial means for repairs, operation and promotion of one of the most significant cultural monument in the town Havirov-the Evangelical Church 1782.
Raising the public awareness about this beautiful place, making it available to the general public and extending its potential use are important parts of the charity fund activities.
Currently the most urgent task for the charity fund is to support the complex solution of the malfunction or very limited functionality of the organ located in the church.


  • by organising fun educational activities for children and youth
  • by organising cultural and social events for adults
  • by making this cultural heritage accessible to the general public
  • by inclusion of this architecturally unique building among the popular tourist spots
  • by creation of various promotional materials

You are welcome to the church interior visit.
To the date arrangement of individual tours use the following contacts:
We appreciate very much all of your financial contributions you are continuously sending.
Thank you for your interest.